Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learning in Fits and Spurts

Or perhaps a better title would be "Dragged Kicking and Screaming"? I love teaching - and I love the times, like summer, away from it. I pity the people with no built in time for rest and renewal in their professional lives. How would I ever finish my "to do" list if I didn't get to start again each August? ;) And August, I find is my time for New Year's Resolutions. The ones made January 1st don't really count - at least that's what I tell myself when I'm hunting the pantry for leftover Christmas Cookies on January 2nd.

Actually, there are several times a year I choose to create new goals or make new resolutions. As I reflect on the waning summer, well, waning in terms of Back to School flyers already in evidence, I now remember I had quite an ambitious plan for what I would accomplish each day. And for the 20th time in my teaching career, I won some and I lost some. The time spent in professional reading has been thought provoking and the opportunity to discuss the ideas and put some into practice through online learning has been valuable but my learning and motivation comes in fits and spurts. As July passes by, I remember that I have a few more things to do before freedom from structured schedules is gone and the focus on the more immediate reality of students in the classroom is upon us.

I want to thank these people and sites for prodding me along in my efforts to become a better educator just by setting a better example and through their excitement for new ideas.

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