Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So cool!

Okay, so I started an iGoogle page and made it my homepage a few weeks ago. Would you believe all I wanted was an easily accessible calendar available when I was working on the computer...that's how it all started. Then, Mark Richardson's class, Becoming a Web 2.o Educator AND reading Will Richardson's book, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Tools for Classrooms (Gee, I need to shorten that title!) got me subscribing to RSS feeds and I realized just how cool all the Google tools together on one page could be! I started by adding a box or "gadget" for a couple of blogs I wanted to keep up with. I got a little window that showed me the latest 3 or 5 or whatever number of posts as links. Cool, right? THEN I found out about Google Reader! GR is indeed a wonderful tool I am just beginning to appreciate in the world of RSS. So I put a "gadget" on my iGoogle for GR and I thought...that's a lot of info packed in the little box. What's going to happen when I actually want to read one of the posts that's linked here. I'll tell you what happens...MAGIC. Check this out:
You just click on the link and the post appears - with full links and photos! So easy! I rarely make time to do much professional reading during the school year. I feel like the day to day management of the classroom and related responsibilities keeps me more than busy enough. Maybe these tools will help me to take a few minutes to stop and read the proses... (sorry!).


  1. Great blog Kim! If you like iGoogle, check out Pageflakes

    Vicky M.

  2. Great post, Kim. Always exciting when someone finds a tool and has an "aha" moment.