Monday, July 27, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

I seem to have a professional development theme this summer and it's all about Big Shift #3 (p. 132) "The Social, Collaborative Construction of Meaningful Knowledge". I am looking forward to helping students understand what this means (as I figure it out with them) and in addition to focusing on "Know "Where" Learning". I found this book very helpful in giving me big picture kinds of things to think about (theory/pedagogy) paired with specific examples of what that might look like in the classroom (tools/strategies). Last year, our class had a wiki which was occasionally used and students mainly worked individually to complete larger projects they would share with the class. THIS year, I want to use individual student blogs to post some individual assignments and reactions as a sort of an e-portfolio of their work. We will use our classroom wiki to build collaborative understandings of our big ideas, current event topics, classroom contracts. As a teacher, I will manage evaluation through RSS subscriptions to student blogs. I will use Diigo to provide coaching comments, and additional resources to individual and groups. I don't expect to be where the Epilogue teacher, but I am looking forward to using new tools to help my students be more a part of the read/write web. And if I am really good, I'll remember to post my struggles and successes on my teacher blog ;).

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  1. Kim, I hope we get some time together this year. I would love to collaborate on ways to further integrate these technologies into the classroom. You inspire me!