Monday, August 3, 2009

New Lessons, New Learning, New Beginnings

It's that time again - no, not the dog days of summer - time for back to school - it's a bit early for many of us, but one of the great things about cutting your summer a bit shorter in order to show up to take a class on site is that it is a great way to E-A-S-E back into the school year. Even after day one of our "Tech Tune Up" class, I got to touch base with friends, remind myself of my log in password show up at 9 and leave by 3...ish with no homework - it's like school without the stress! Anyway, the class I am taking gives me the puttering time I need to figure out the particulars of all of the cool tools I want to use with my students this year:
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Diigo (social bookmarking on steroids)
  • RSS subscriptions
  • Jing (a screen and sound capture program so I can give directions without actually, you know, giving directions)

and more! I'll try to zero in on each tool and how I plan to use it as I go through my class this week. Maybe I can help others avoid some pitfalls and remind myself of all of my "big ideas" I have planned for the school year before reality sets in ;).

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