Sunday, November 15, 2009

Because It's Good For You!

Why do I have to eat my veggies? Why do I have to exercise? Why do I have to reflect upon my learning and write down my thoughts??

I was recently responding to a fellow online classmate's post about when do people find the time to blog? We weren't talking about the kind of creative task avoidance that causes me to rearrange my living room instead of grade papers. We were talking about the professionals who take time out of their busy lives to actually post their reflections about life and education's role in it. Although I have few, if any, actual good habits, I've decided to come back around to this whole blogging thing. Why? Because it's good for me...and my students...and perhaps even my colleagues in the field. I'm not so wrapped up in myself that I think I have the corner on the teaching market (cute jackets, maybe) but I do feel that after 20 years in the field, maybe my small struggles or triumphs might help motivate another person to try something new or avoid my dumb mistakes.

Another colleague and I are ready to take the plunge into the world of academia again in pursuit of doctoral degrees and as a part of this learning process, we thought a blog or other online publishing tool might help us to provide thoughtful discourse on our experiences and communicate with others in the field. Or help us to keep our sanity. Whatever.

As a part of an online class right now I am supposed to be keeping a journal. I am to be reflecting each week on my learning process - an excellent exercise and I am now left wondering why I didn't put these reflections into a blog format - especially now that we are to create an ePortfolio of our work. Do you think my online facilitators will notice that the dates of my entries are all the same and start today....or tomorrow? I could definitely wait until tomorrow...